Happenings from this weeks meeting...
Call to Order
by Amelia Roll

Thursday,September 2, 2010

Presiding over tonights meeting...Past President Amy Roll

Pledge of Allegiance led by Past President Amy

Invocation given by Earl Sparkman

On the Menu...
by Amelia Roll

Fresh garden salad with French dressing.  Summer Casserole is back...YUMMY! Fresh veggies from the garden with ground beef in a tomato sauce,  sweet hawaiian buns with butter.  Banana Pudding for dessert.

by Amelia Roll

John Wilk - Owner Wessels & Wilk Funeral Home, Pleasant Ridge

Bill Bowles - Speaker

The Games We Play
by Amelia Roll


        Jerome took the pot, it was a biggy $6.00!!



         Norm had two pulls and Jerome one, but no lucky ACE!  

Happy Bucks
by Amelia Roll

Earl: Happy that two of his best buds, who have both been hospitalized recently, are both improving

Norm: Happy that the maritime season is coming to close...more time to do retiree stuff!

Tom: Happy about his grandson, Tommy, turning 5.  He will be starting Kindergarten next week.

Jerome: Happy to hear that "WE" are finally going to put Rotary signs out front

Amy: Happy about the arrival of her 6th niece on August 22nd. 

Birthdays & Anniversaries
by Amelia Roll

None to mention this week!

General Announcements
by Amelia Roll

General Announcements:

Hilton Fall Festival: Saturday, October 23rd.  Rotary will be a sponsor of the event - providing for the pony rides for the kids.  We will also have a booth - more details to follow.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS are here! $25.00 per book.  Please contact Tom Singer for more information.


Today's Program
by Amelia Roll

Tonights program was presented by Bill Bowles, an Ambassadorial Scholar in 89 - 90.  He traveled to Nigeria, where he spent an entire year learning and living the Nigerian culture.  At the time of his visit, Nigeria was being given money by the World Bank, which in turn caused inflation in the country - therefore, he only spent about 1/3 of the academic year actually studying at the university because of student protests against the tuition increase.  But, Mr. Bowles used that opportunity to travel the region and really get to know the people and the culture.  He felt this to be just as educational, if not more so, than attending the university.

Mr. Bowles has returned to Nigeria once since his time there and still keeps in contact with friends whom he met while there.  According to what he is hearing, there has been little advancement in the quality of life over the past 2 decades, even though Nigeria is one of the top 10 OPEC countries.  The government keeps the people oppressed, as to not have to share the wealth of the oil.

Mr. Bowles is a Paul Harris Fellow and a strong advocate for the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar program.