Happenings from today's meeting...
Call to Order

Presiding over the meeting today ... President Amy Roll. 

President Amy lead us in the Pleadge of Allegiance and the singing of America.

Invocation was given by Bert Spaeth

On the Menu...

Fresh garden salad with Ranch dressing.  Vegetarian lasagne with garlic bread. Finished off with Strawberry Shortcake Roll with Pralines & Cream ice cream. Delicious!!


DG Judy Garver

PDG Mike Rambus

AG Jeanne Towar

Kat Diehl (daughter of Sherry Wells)

Dick Berry (former member of Ferndale Club)

The Games We Play


Tom Singer took the pot...


         There were only seven cards left...our old friend Dick Berry was the first one

         up and he picked that lucky ACE. Amy and Jeanne didn't stand a chance!

Happy Bucks

There were lots of happy folks today...

Sailor Norm was happy that the state fair is over and the trailer is put to bed.

Tom Singer was also happy the state fair is over.

DG Judy Garver was happy to be with the Ferndale Club to help induct our new member.

PDG Mike Rambus was happy to see DG Judy and also celebrating 45 years of perfect attendance.

Dick Berry was happy to be back in Ferndale - he joined our club back when there were 70 plus members. He is celebrating 40 years of perfect attendance!

Neville Geake was happy to be with his old friend Dick Berry.

Jay Gerber was happy to meet the District Governor, whom happens to be the most kissing DG he's ever meet!

Jeanne Towar was happy to be with the Ferndale Club.

Sherry Wells was thrilled about becoming our newest member!!


Birthdays & Anniversaries

Bill Hunter celebrates 92 on September 11th.

John and Lorraine Parker celebrate 49 years of marital bliss on September 10th.

General Announcements
by Amelia Roll

General Announcements:

1. Board Meeting - Wednesday, September 15th, 6 PM at Maria's Front Room, 215 W. Nine Mile (btwn Woodward and Allen)

2. The State Fair Parking Lot was a great success.  We raised almost double what we were hoping to raise.  Thank you to all those who put in the time and effort to pull it all off. And a special thank you to Norm and Alex for setting everything up and putting everything away!!

3. Rotary Jeopardy will be on November 10 at the Royal Oak Club beginning at 12:15.  Our club needs to designate two people to participate in the game.  We also need to provide 10 questions from the Rotarian Magazine - August, Septemeber and October issues.  If you are interested in participating please let President Amy know.

4. Bloomfield Hills Club is sponsoring a Community Conversation hosted by Center for Michigan on October 5th from 7 - 9 PM at the Senior Center on Andover Rd. in West Bloomfield.  It is an opportunity to express our visions about the state and country.  The space is filling up fast...if you would like to attend please let President Amy know so she can reserve seats.


Todays Program
by Amelia Roll

Tonight we inducted our newest member, Sherry Wells.  We were honored to have our District Governor, Judy Garver, present for the ceremony.  President Amy led the induction ceremony and Sherry was presented her Rotary International pin by sponsor, Norm Raymond and DG Judy presented her with the District 6380 pin and this years President's Theme pin (The future of Rotary is in your hands).  Following the ceremony Sherry was welcomed into our club and the Rotary world by all of our members and Rotarian guests.  Sherry is an attorney and publisher.  She lives in Ferndale with her daughter, Kat Diehl. 

We also had a special surprise for Al Shrosbree.  DG Judy presented him with his Paul Harris Fellow +1, sapphire pin.