Happenings from this weeks meeting.....
Call to Order

Presiding over tonights meeting...President Amy Roll.

President Amy led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Norm Raymond got us started with the singing of America.

Invocation was given by Bert Spaeth.

On the Menu...

Steve served up a big, beautiful salad with crumbled cheese, walnuts, mandarin oranges and tomatos topped with grilled bbq chicken breast and ranch dressing; and served with warm bread sticks.  Delicious coffee cake for dessert. 


Dan Martin - Ferndale Community Foundation, guest speaker

Sara Lemanski - former member

Gary Sophiea - representing Ferndale Schools

The Games We Play


         Norm took the pot today! 



        We skipped Scam today, pink tickets were tucked away and

       could not be found!  

Happy Bucks

Norm was happy to see Sara, she is here on business and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Earl was happy that his brothers surgery to remove cancerous cells around his liver was a success!

Sara was cashless, but happy to be back in Ferndale.

President Amy was happy about her upcoming trip to California for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

President Amy will celebrate a birthday on November 27th.  She was happy to be serenaded by the club.

General Announcements
by Amelia Roll

General Announcements:

***Entertainment Books are still available, $20.00 per book ...  books are available at meetings or contact John Parker or Amy Roll for more details - remember that your old books will expire on Nov. 30th, so its time to buy a new one!!****

Ferndale Rotary Club Christmas Gathering will take place on Thursday, December 3rd, 5 PM at Peabody's in Birmingham on the first floor.  This will be in place of our regular meeting.  Please contact Fred Bond if you plan on attending.  We will be ordering off the menu and each member will be responsible for their own bill.

There will be no meeting on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.  The board of directors has recommended that members donate the money they would have spent on meals ($30) to The Rotary Foundation - Polio Plus.  Please make your checks payable to The Rotary Foundation and forward to Bert Spaeth.

1. Helen Singer has offered to make a quilt for our club to raffle off at District Confernece this year.  We are asking for members to donate Rotary neckties for the project.  President Amy has donated a couple of ties and received a few ties from other clubs as well, but she needs more! Look deep into your closets, or ask your wife to do it for you, she is probably happy to clean out some of those ties you're holding on to!!!!  Thank you Nevill for donating to the cause!!!

2. The Holiday Ice Festival is coming up fast and we need to get things organized.  Our club will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, December 12th to kick off the all day festival.  We need volunteers to help with all aspects of the event... starting with set up, cooking, money takers, and clean up crew.  The doors will open for customers at 8:30 am and go until 11:30 am at Blumz.  We will be giving away a Christmas book to the children and will also be providing a free crafts table for the kids to create a masterpiece.  So tell your family, friends and neighbors to come out and enjoy a great day in Ferndale.  Please contact President Amy if you are able to help. 

3. Ferndale Rotary will be hosting the Chamber Coffee Connection on Tuesday, January 5th.  We need volunteers to help plan the event.  Please contact President Amy if you are interested in helping.

4. Please look for your dues statement, they will be sent via email to all of those members who have an email address.  You will notice that the dues structure has changed as recommended by the membership committee and approved by the board of directors.  There will no longer be a pre-paid meals charge - members will now pay $12.00 at each meeting.  Also, we have increased membership dues to $75.00 every six months to cover the increasing dues from RI.



Todays Program
by Amelia Roll

Before Dan Martin presented, Sara filled us in on what she is doing in Washington DC.  As you may recall, she took a job with USAID, several months ago.  Her job as a Traffic Management Specialist entails arranging for transportation of donated items to foreign countries.  USAID pays for the tranportation of items gathered by an indiviidaul or organization (has to be at least 2000 lbs), the donating organization or individual just needs to get it to the nearest military base - Selfridge here in Michigan.   She is back in Michigan helping the Hazel Park Fire Department arrange to send much needed equipment for fire fighters to a village in the Dominican Republic.  The HPFD has already donated a fire truck to this same village.  Sara is doing very good work and she enjoys it at the same time. 

Now to Dan.  Dan sits on the Board of Directors for the Ferndale Community Foundation.  The foundation was founded in 2003 and is a tax exempt charitable foundation.  The initial money to start the foundation came from the sale of a home that was donated to the City of Ferndale.  The foundation continues to raise money through direct solicitation and fundraisers.  They award grants to non-profit organizations for projects that directly impact the quality of life for the residents of Ferndale.  In the 6 years of existence, the foundation has awarded over $35,000.00 in grants.  The foundation is making an effort to increase public awareness by visiting non-profits and also by being present at local events such as, the DIY Fair, Pride Fest and the Dream Cruise.  Earlier this year, the foundation held the Taste of Ferndale, which will now be a signature fundraising event for them because of the huge success.  It was held at Via Nove and featured 10 restaurants from Ferndale.  The Taste of Ferndale II will be held on February 16th, 2010, tickets will go on sale sometime in December. 

The Ferndale Community Foundation has issued grants to FernCare - Free Medical Clinic to help with start up costs, Fenrdale Public Library, Ferndale Beautification Commission, OLSHA, Ferndale Youth Assistance , Ferndale Historical Society and the list goes on.  This is a great organization thats sole purpose is to benefit the community.  This is a resource that our club should keep in mind and that could really help us serve our community.  

For more information about Ferndale Community Foundation visit: www.ferndalecommunityfoundation.org