Happenings from this week's meeting...
Call to Order
by Amelia Roll

Presiding over tonights meeting...President Amy Roll

President Amy led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and in the singing of America

Invocation was given by Bert Spaeth

On the Menu...
by Amelia Roll

Fresh garden salad followed by pasta with shrimp sauce, fresh steamed veggies and garlic cheese bread.  Dessert was delicious, cake and ice cream.


by Amelia Roll

Manish Mehta - Ann Arbor North  Rotary Club

The Games We Play
by Amelia Roll


                    We are holding all tickets til the next meeting!



Happy Bucks
by Amelia Roll

Earl: Very happy to have Manish join us, and being able to take some flowers home for Ruth to make amends :) how sweet!

Sherry: Happy to announce that she is a "grandma" - in spirit.  Her daughters friend just gave birth to a little boy, she asks that we keep this brand new precious little baby in our prayers - he was born several weeks early and only weighs in at 2 lbs 15 oz.  He has a uphill battle and needs lots of love and prayers.

Bert: He is happy about the approaching warm weather!!

Amy: Happy that she will be attending the Michael Buble' concert this evening.

Manish: Happy to be with the Ferndale club, loved the ambiance of Blumz.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
by Amelia Roll

Nevill and Connie Geake celebrate an anniversary on March 29.

General Announcements
by Amelia Roll

General Announcements:

1. Our 2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction fundraiser for Polio Plus will be held on Thursday, April 15th (in place of our meeting) at Blumz from 5 - 8 PM.  WE NEED HELP WITH THE SILENT AUCTION ITEMS - PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO ASK LOCAL BUSINESSES TO DONATE. THE SILENT AUCTION IS WHERE WE RAISED THE MOST MONEY LAST YEAR.  Please let President Amy know any items that you are able to have donated for this event.  Several members and family members have already offered to help, but it is important to have as much help as possible to make this event a success!!!!

2. District Assembly, Saturday, April 10th, Walsh College in Troy.  Registration begins at 8 AM, cost is $20 and can be paid at the door.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  It is a great chance to hear from DG Elect Janet McPeek, there are several breakout sessions to choose from.  Please register today on the district webpage www.rotary6380.org

3. District Conference information and registration is now available on the district webpage: www.rotary6380.org .  This years conference is at the Dearborn Inn - which is very local.  It would be great to have a good showing of Ferndale Rotarians there - we will also be raffling off the quilt that Helen Singer has worked so hard on!!!

4. Inbound exchange applications have been received and the district is now looking for host clubs and families.  Please let President Amy know if you or someone you know is interested.

5. Novi & Farmington Clubs are hosting "A Breakfast And Learn Charity Event", April 20th from 7:45 - 9:00 AM at DirectBuy Club of Farmington Hills, 333800 W. 9 Mile, Farmington.  Cost is $20.00 with half going to Polio Plus Program. RSVP to Ginger Barrons 248-348-0551 or reliable@cdnet.net

6. Ann Arbor North Club hosting "Cruising with Rotary, Bollywood Style" April 17th, 6:30 reception, 7:15 open buffet, Holiday Inn North Campus, 3600 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor.  Cost is $50 per person, proceeds to benefit several local and international organizations. RSVP to 734-604-5031.


Todays Program
by Amelia Roll

Our program today was presented by Manish Mehta, a member of the Ann Arbor North Rotary Club.  Manish is an engineer by trade and he joined Rotary in 1995 - he was a GSE team leader, taking 5 team mebers to India.  During his last visit home to India, he took the opportunity to visit an interenational Rotary project - Project Dignity: Sanitation for All. 

Project Dignity: Sanitation for All

There are 2.6 billion people that have no private sanitation (not even a bucket)- that is 4 in 10 people throughout the world.  Having no private sanitation means that people are eliminating waste anywhere, as long as it is outside their home - in the fields and water. Infectious disease thrives in waste, feces carries more than 50 communicable diseases including cholera, hepatitis and schistosomiasis - 90% of all diarrhea cases arise from contamination, 1 child under the age of 5 dies every 15 seconds.  Because of diarrhea, the Polio vaccine needs to be given up to 10 times to each child in India to become effective.  Contamination of the soil and water lead to compromised immune systems which leads to reduced productivity of the family - women concentrate their time and energy on caring for sick children, and therefore cannot tend to other family needs. 

Most of these diseases and hardships can be significantly reduced by providing private sanitation for families - clean toilets reduce diarrhea cases by 40% and can be a trigger for rural development.  Not to mention that the return of investment is 8 fold for every dollar invested in sanitation.    One of the biggest challenges is changing the mindset of the people affected.  Toilets and sanitation are not pretty topics - so getting people to talk about it is difficult.  Also, it's not just about providing the hardware, you have to remember that people who have never had the luxury of a toilet, don't know any better - eliminating waste in the open is normal for them.  In most cases it takes several, sometimes hundreds of meetings educating the public about the benefits before a toilet is even installed.  Women are usually the ones leading the way and often the ones training others how to use and clean the toilet - which is a pit toilet & septic tank combination.  The waste goes into the septic tank and naturally breaksdown (no chemicals), the gas produced escapes into an attached pipe and is used for cooking and the remaining liquid flows into the fields and is used as fertilizer.  The proper use of private sanitation advances womens independence and promotes literacy in both children and adults - it completely changes the dynamic of the family.  It also enables sustainable rural development. 

And all of this can happen for $100.00.  Absolutely amazing!!!!