Happenings from this weeks meeting....
Call to Order

Presiding over tonights meeting...President Amy Roll.

President Amy led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of America

Invocation was given by Bert Spaeth

On the Menu...

Fresh garden salad with Ranch dressing and warm croissant.  Chicken with vegetables and rice....and lots of pepper!!!! For dessert, delicious chocolate bunt cake with whipped cream and carmel sauce.


Esther Ashmore - Achievement Award Recipient

Kimberly Umlauf - Achievement Award Recipient

Crystal Proxmire - Ferndale 115 - online newsletter

Ruth Sparkman - Earl's better half

Peter Gislason - Six Lakes Seafoods, prospective member

Bill Axtel - Grand Central Storage - winner of membership auctioned at Chamber Gala

Melissa Damaschke - Sierra Club, guest speaker

The Games We Play


             Everyone was wrapped up with the snow....we forgot to buy tickets!!!



Happy Bucks

Lots of HAPPY Rotarians today:

Earl: Was pleased to have his beautiful wife with him.

Bert: Happy to have the two young ladies, Esther and Kimberly, at the meeting.

Sherry: Happy to have received payment in full from a client...she rewarded herself for all of her hardwork with a new portable TV for her office.  Sherry was also very happy about the time spent at Norm's house on the 29th with fellow Ferndale Rotarians to watch Rotary video's, discuss Coffee Connection event and the great fellowship!

Norm: Happy to have survived the holidays!

Peter and Crystal, two of our guests, both through in a happy dollar...they were as happy to be with us as we were to have them!

And last but certainly not least, Nevill was again happy for all the good things happening in our club!

Birthdays & Anniversaries

No birthdays or anniversaries of club members. However, our wonderful host, Steve, celebrated a birthday on December 24th....so we serenaded the handsome lad!

General Announcements
by Amelia Roll

General Announcements:

1. Dues are due.  If you haven't submitted payment yet, please forward payment to Cheryl Baur as soon as possible. 

2. Distrist Membership Summitt is scheduled for January 16th.  Three of our members, Amy, Alex and Earl will be attending.  Other Rotarians may attend for $20.00.  Please let President Amy know if you are interested in attending.

3. Ferndale Library's application for new books was approved by the Richmond Rotary Club.  President Amy and Dr. Raber (library director) will be attending the Richmond meeting on Tuesday, January 26th, 12:15 PM to receive the books.  If you would like to attend the meeting, please let President Amy know.  The Richmond Club is very excited to have Ferndale Rotary involved in this project.

4. Thank you to Bert Spaeth for reporting attendance each month.  We are part of the only sector in the District that does not need reminding about attendance reports.

5. District Governor for 2012 - 13 Rotary year woll be Don Riddell from the Troy Club.

6. Ferndale Community Foundation is hosting Taste of Ferndale II on February 16th.  Tickets are $30.00 each.  More details to follow.

7. On Tuesday, Ferndale Rotary hosted the Chamber Coffee Connection at Blumz.  It was a great turnout and it seems that we may have sparked some interest in a few chamber members.  Thanks to all who were able to attend from our club.

8. Helen Singer sent an update on the Rotary Quilt she is making.  Everything looks great so far, but she is in need of some more ties.  Tell your Rotarian friends about the quilt, and maybe they will have one or two to donate to the cause.



Todays Program
by Amelia Roll

Before we started our program, we asked the two acievement award recipients to fill us in about their first semester at school.  Esther Ashmore is attending Hillsdale College, her first semester went very well - she is a Freshman Representative in the student government and part of the Christian Fellowship Club.  Kimberly Umlauf is attending Grand Valley State, her first semester was also a success and she hopes to become more involved in student activities this upcoming semester.

Our guest speaker this evening was Melissa Damaschke from the Sierra Club, Great Lakes Region.  Melissa shared with us her great appreciation for Rotarians, as she was once a scholarship recipient from Rotary.  The Sierra Club is a non profit environmental organization that was founded in 1892 by John Muir. The Sierra Club started as a hiking club whose mission was to explore, enjoy and protect the planet.  Over time, the club turned its focus to protection and preservation of the planet, with a special interest in water and air quality. 

The bodies of water that make up the Great Lakes Region are very vulnerable.  One of the most harmful things is Aquatic Invasive Species. Currently there are approximately 180 species that can be found in the Great Lakes that are not native to this region.  These species compete with native species causing major issues for native species and water quality.  The invasive species are entering the Great Lakes mainly through the shipping industry.  Vessels will take in water from one area and then release that same water in a different area - transplanting species in the process.  Other concerns for the Great Lakes includes Legacy Pollutants or Toxic Hotspots as they are called caused by industries dumping into waterways - toxins are formed after years of buildup.  The destruction of Wetlands, which is like a filtration system - eliminating toxins and keeping the water clean.  It is very important to construct and protect Wetlands to keep bodies of water healthy.  Non Point Source Pollution which is any kind of run off into local waterbodies - harmful substances include fertilizer and motor oil.  Combined Sewage Overflows is another major concern.  In this type of system storm and sewer drains travel the same pipeline - when there is an extreme amount of usage, the water treatment center is unable to handle the capacity and therefore, excess slowly gets released without any treatment.  Some drain lines have filtering systems that prevent solids from passing through, some do not.  SO you can imagine what gets dumped into bodies of water!  To correct the problem one of two things needs to happen.  Either a whole new system is implemented, separating storm drainage from sewage, which would be very intensive and costly or more infilltration points for water need to be created.  Basically, this means trying to reduce the amount of rain water that enters the drainage system.  Rain gardens are a common option - in essence you would have shallow land that would collect rain water and that rain water would eventually seep into the ground.  There is an area in Georgia that is experimenting with concrete - that has the ability to let the rain water pass through rather than run off into drainage systems.

To help protect the Great Lakes, legislation was passed and signed by President George W. Bush a few years ago, that prevents Great Lakes water from leaving the region via a pipeline (basically it cannot go to any state that does not border a Great Lake).  There is nothing mentioned about bottled water in this piece of legislation, however, the powers at be are keeping a close eye on this process to make sure that it does not become detrimental to the Great Lakes.