Happenings from this weeks meeting...
Call to Order

Presiding over tonights meeting...President Amy Roll.

President Amy led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of America

Invocation was given by Bert Spaeth

On the Menu...

We started off with a fresh garden salad and croissants.  For the main course we indulged in a "summer" casserole with beef and vegetables in a tomatobased broth with pasta.  And for dessert, sherbert and wafer cookies.


Timothy O'Rear - Achievement Award Recipient

Tori Bradley-May - Director of Royal Oak Twp. Library

Ken Grundberg - potential guest speaker

The Games We Play


             The briefcase took the pot - and then promptly rewarded Sydney for pulling his ticket!!


           Fred, Norm and Earl all had a chance at that lucky ACE -

          but no winner tonight!

Happy Bucks

Earl: Happy to see Sailor Norm back at the meeting, all decked out in his Coast Gaurd uniform and also about the success of the treatment he is receiving for his macular degeneration.

Cheryl: Just wanted to throw money in the pot.

Amy: Very happy about her big brother celebrating 15 years with his beautiful wife.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

None to mention this week

General Announcements
by Amelia Roll

General Announcements:

***In response to the Haiti earthquake, District 6380 is collecting monies in an effort to purchase as many ShelterBox's as possible.  A ShelterBox contains equipment that would allow a displaced family to set up temporary residence during this time of devastation in this VERY POOR country.  Please forward donations to Presdient Amy at 500 W. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale 48220.  Checks may be made payable to ShelterBox USA - all donations are tax deductible.  Donations will be sent to DG Judy after next weeks meeting - if you haven't already donated and you plan to, please mail in check as soon as possible.

1. District Membership Assignment:  The district chair is asking all Rotarians to participate in this first assignment from the Membership summit: Ask two NON-ROTARIANS what they think they know about Rotary.  Do not try to recruit these persons.  The point of the assignment is to gather information about how people perceive Rotary.  Please forward responses to President Amy.

2. Ferndale Community Foundation is hosting Taste of Ferndale II on Tuesday, February 16th from 6 - 9 PM at Via Nove, Ferndale.  Tickets are $30.00 each.  Feel free to visit www.ferndalecommunityfoundation.org for more information.


Todays Program
by Amelia Roll

As mentioned above, one of our students, Tim O'Rear, came by to fill us in on what's happening at OCC. He finished last semester with a 4.0 GPA - he used our first installment to purchase his books.  He is looking into eventually transferring to Wayne State, where he would like to earn a degree in Elementary Education.

Our guest speaker this evening was Tori Bradley-May, Director of Royal Oak Twp. Public Library, located in Grant School in Ferndale.  This is a new career path for her, her background is in labor relations.  She is having a great deal of fun at the library, however it is also very challenging for her as well, with no past experience.  She is trying her best to incorporate her skills as a planner and implementor into making the library a success.  Her first initiative was to engage the children already in the building (Pre K and Kindergarten) in library and reading time.  Once a week each class visits the library for 30 mins, in which time she or an asistant read a story to the children.  At first, the children had a very difficult time paying attention and sitting still, but now they look forward to their time at the library and show enormous amounts of interest in the story being read.  Some of the other intiatives include RIF Reading Program for children, Reading on Demand, and Book Clubs.  Tori's main goal is to encourage literacy and reading and she seems to be off to a great start!!

Our club will once again be assisting in the application process for the Richmond Rotary Club's Book Donation Program.  Tori has filled out the application and President Amy will be writing a letter of recommendation for the application to be approved.