Happenings from this weeks meeting...
Call to Order

Presiding over tonights meeting...President Amy Roll.

President Amy led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and John Parker arrived just in time to led us in the singing of America

Invocation was given by President Amy

On the Menu...

We started off with a nice fresh garden salad and warm bread sticks, and then had a delicious beef pot pie with steamed veggies and finished it off with a piece of spice cake, whipped cream and carmel sauce.


Lori Fidler - guest speaker

Emily Rice - Lori's assistant

Megan Jackson - Acheivement award Recipient

The Games We Play


     A train had most everyone running behind schedule, so we skipped games today.



Happy Bucks

Had to keep moving...no happy bucks today!

Birthdays & Anniversaries

December 1 - Bert and Jean Spaeth anniversary

General Announcements
by Amelia Roll

General Announcements:

Nominations and elections for next years club officers will take place at our next meeting, December 17th.  Please make sure you are there to participate in this process if you are available.

There will be no meeting on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.  The board of directors has recommended that members donate the money they would have spent on meals ($30) to The Rotary Foundation - Polio Plus.  Please make your checks payable to The Rotary Foundation and forward to Bert Spaeth.

1. Helen Singer has offered to make a quilt for our club to raffle off at District Confernece this year.  We are asking for members to donate Rotary neckties for the project.  President Amy has donated a couple of ties and received a few ties from other clubs as well, but she needs more! Look deep into your closets, or ask your wife to do it for you, she is probably happy to clean out some of those ties you're holding on to!!!!  This is the last call....Tom and Helen are heading south for the winter after the holidays.  Please take one last look in your closet and bring in a tie or two this Thursday.  (THIS IS YOUR REMINDER NORM!!!!)

2. Ferndale Rotary will be hosting the Chamber Coffee Connection on Tuesday, January 5th.  We need volunteers to help plan the event.  Please contact President Amy if you are interested in helping.

3. Dues are due on Decemeber 21st.  Please forward payment to Cheryl Baur.


Todays Program
by Amelia Roll

Today we heard from Megan Jackson, one of our acheivement award recipients, about her first semester at Oakland University.  Megan is doing well in school and looking forward to next semester.  Keep up the good work Megan.

Our guest speaker today was Lori Fidler, Executive Director of Oak Park Business and Education Alliance (OPBEA).  OPBEA was formed 15 years ago by Consumers Energy.  The main objective of this organization is to pair local business men and women with at risk children in the Oak Park Schools.  There are programs from elementary grades all the way through high school.  The program offers mentoring, junior acheivement awards, and co-op programs.  Students are recommended to the program by teachers and school counselors based on criteria set forth by OPBEA.  The program has had much success, backed by the improvements that students have made in their grades and perspective about life in general.  From the sounds of it, this program is making a big difference in the lives of children who would otherwise have no real positive influence in their lives.  This may be an organization that our club could work with to gather the names of students who may benefit from RYLA or maybe even youth exchange.